What you need to know about the ‘precalculation’ controversy

The controversy surrounding a paper published in the journal Science in 2014 appears to have been largely over a single statistic that had nothing to do with the math, according

What do we know about the Bible study topics that are popular among your followers?

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We asked Twitter followers if they were familiar with the Bible Study topics that they have been using to gain followers, and the top three are listed below.1.Bible study topic

‘I was a total mess’: ‘My wife was my rock’

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Football Italian – 1 October 2017 09:25:38The story of how the former Juventus midfielder Marcello Lippi came to the brink of death after using a banned substance was a story

Why Benadryls are so popular

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Benadries are becoming increasingly popular, even among people who normally avoid the drug.This week, Benadrial was the third most popular prescription drug on the New York Times’ list of the