How to Stop The Fluorophobe From Killing Your Kids

Fluoride is the world’s most widely used poison.The world has been drinking it for nearly 100 years, and there is no known cure.But the toxin is used to make toothpaste,

How to make sure your mobile device works with Android 5.1 theme topics

Android 5 and Lollipop have a huge range of themes available for use on your device, but some themes are best suited to use on Android 5 devices.Here’s how to

How to take on the corporate giants: Antifungals

Antifusion is a highly effective way to control bacteria, fungi and viruses.It also has a strong reputation among healthcare professionals.A new study from the University of Michigan and the University

“This is the first time I’ve seen you guys on the same page as each other, I’ve never seen you so respectful” – Mike Lazzo

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This week on Polygon, we’ve got an exclusive interview with the guys who created the game, which is set in a fictional city where people who want to commit murder