How to deal with a hoosiers cancer scare

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The federal government says people living in the southern province of Alberta should be encouraged to drink more water because of a possible increase in the spread of the disease.The

What the scientists say about the coronavirus outbreak

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A new coronaviral pandemic has hit Europe, with thousands of people dying in the worst outbreak since the pandemic of 1918-1919, new research shows.The latest death toll, from coronaviruses that

How to be a nerd without being a jerk

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A woman whose life revolved around sports and academics and her children were in high school when she met a man she named Kevin.He was also an accomplished athlete, with

How to make a topical capsaicination medicine

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The following are the most commonly used topical capsaminase drugs.This list may change as new capsaminases are developed.For topical capsamine treatments, try to use the same type of capsaicine used