5 things to know about the flu shot

The flu shot has become the go-to way to fight the flu in the United States, and the United Nations says more than 200 million people around the world have received it.

But many are still unsure of how to take it.

Here are five things to remember.1.

It is only available in some countries.

The flu shot is available in only a handful of countries.

The United States has not had one, and there are some countries that don’t have the flu vaccine yet.

The U.S. has been using a combination of two types of vaccine for several years now: a jab that contains a live attenuated virus and a jab with a shot containing a shot of a weakened virus.

There is no vaccine with both live attenuation and weakened vaccine.2.

The flu vaccine doesn’t have enough of a boost to fight it.

A study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that a vaccine containing an attenuated version of the influenza virus had a much higher efficacy than the flu jab.

A jab containing live attenuations of the flu virus produced about a 3-fold higher protection rate, but the vaccine with weakened vaccine produced only a 3.3-fold increase.3.

The vaccine has no way of preventing the virus from making its way back into your body.

The virus can return to your body if it travels to a person’s lungs, which are where it usually gets to infect.

But even if you are protected against it, you can still contract it from others, or if you get it from a close contact, such as a nurse who injects you with the flu vaccines.4.

It takes a lot of work to take the flu seriously.

The most common type of flu vaccine, which is a shot that contains live attenuates of the virus, is a six-week course that costs about $800.

That means you’ll need to take about 50 shots, or about one a day, to get the flu and make it to a level of protection that can help protect you.5.

If you don’t like the flu, the CDC recommends that you take a flu shot.

The CDC recommends the flu vaccination for anyone who is older than 18 and who has not been tested for the flu.

If they’re under 18 and not vaccinated, they should get the shot regardless.