When will we start seeing the world’s first cannabis-based medicine?

The country is one of the most cannabis-infested countries in the world.

There are more than 10 million cases of cannabis-related illnesses in India, according to a report from the Centre for Disease Control.

“We have the largest number of cannabis users in the country.

It is a big issue, because if you have the drug, you are going to have a lot of problems,” said Arun Kumar, a professor at Delhi University who has been researching the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Kumar said he hoped to create a cannabis medicine that could treat people with serious illnesses.

He said that it would be cheaper than a traditional drug, such as a heart attack drug, and would be effective in patients who have already been treated with conventional medicines.

India has a history of producing cannabis for medical uses.

In 1924, the government set up a committee to study the medicinal uses of cannabis and recommended that it be legally cultivated and sold.

However, cannabis was only made available for medical purposes in 1980, and was banned from commercial sale in 2001.

The government has made little progress in the past five years.

Kumar’s team is now working to find a way to make a cannabis drug that could be used by the government to treat its chronic ailments.

He hopes to begin a research project in 2017, with a team of around 15 scientists.

The team plans to study patients’ symptoms, their health status and the effectiveness of a cannabis-derived medicine.

“There are so many things we need to test before we can make a drug, but we have a few ideas,” Kumar said.

He added that the study would be conducted in a controlled environment, where there would be no access to cannabis.

However the researchers will also be allowed to access the cannabis and use it, as long as they are not selling the product or sharing it with anyone.