How to Get Rid of Your Old Sneakers

I have a new sneaker for you. 

I’m in the process of getting rid of my old pairs of black and white sneakers. 

The old sneakers are getting old. 

And I can’t get rid of the ones I have lying around. 

So, what’s a smart shopper to do? 

Well, the first step is to start looking for ways to get rid or save the old sneakers.

If you’re a sneaker collector and you’ve been following my sneaker trends over the past year, you’ve probably seen me go through some of the following trends:1.

The Black/White/Blue/Red theme of the sneaker craze. 

Black/white sneakers are always on my list of “must buy” items. 

(If I’m not mistaken, I wear a lot of black/white and/or blue/red shoes.) 

I love the color combinations. 

They always look nice on me.2.

The trend of the black or white, or even blue/grey, shoe. 

Blue/grey shoes are on my wishlist. 

It’s one of my favorites, and I love wearing them on my commute to work. 

If I can afford them, I’d like to have them. 

But I can always get rid for a good price. 

Asking for a shoe that doesn’t have a “red sole” is like asking for a pair of khaki shorts. 

No, I’m serious.3.

The classic black-and-white/blue-and/or grey-and red sneaker. 

My favorite pair of sneakers are the black/grey/blue pairs. 

Those are the ones that I always carry, because they look so cool. 

Even if I don’t wear them everyday, I think about them every time I walk past a store.4.

The old black-or-white or blue-and white sneakers that I’ve been wearing for the past 15 years. 

A classic pair of white sneakers, I always look forward to getting them.5.

The sneakers that you wear when you’re not in the office. 

Just like the previous trend, these sneakers are a great addition to any wardrobe. 


The white sneakers you wear in your commute to the office, or when you work out at home. 

These are the sneakers that make me feel like I’m wearing a “classic” pair of shoes, without having to look at the label. 


The shoes that you don’t have on when you need to get a quick, sharp look on your feet. 

This is a great time to start the hunt for new pairs of sneakers.


The black- or-white-and or blue or grey sneakers that were on your “must-buy” list for your “topical organizational pattern” and that you’re constantly looking for.


The vintage black- and-white shoes that were one of your favorites. 

Your favorite pair. 


The new sneakers that are still on your list. 

You might be wondering, “Why can’t I just get rid ?” 

The answer is that the shoes are still around, and you’re still interested. 

However, you need some more work on your part.

Here are some things you should be aware of before you start. 


They’re still a great way to keep your collection fresh. 

Don’t forget that you can always find new sneakers online, or through some other online resource. 


If you’re the type of person who is always looking for a “must have,” then they’re a great shoe for you to try. 

For instance, if you’re in a hurry, you could always grab a pair at the department store and try them on before you go to the store. 


Sneakers are very easy to find. 

Go to any department store or thrift store, and search for shoes that are black, grey, or red. 


Sneaker sales tend to be very popular during the summer months. 

When they do, you should have some sneakers that match your wardrobe.5-7.

You can always just buy new sneakers if you have the money. 


If they’re just not a good fit, you can usually get a replacement for the same price. 


If a pair is discontinued, you’re free to purchase a new pair of the same color. 

Again, the only way you’re going to get the same shoe is if you shop online. 


Sometimes, it’s best to get one of the newer, more affordable pairs of shoes that have the same name. 

Try a different color and see how that feels. 


Sneaks are always in fashion. 

There are always new trends in sneakers, so it’s always good to check out the latest