How a conservative blogger’s poem inspired a hot topic outfit

The National Review, the magazine of American conservatism, is being sued by a blogger who says she was bullied into writing a poem in a bid to “save the republic” from a Democratic President.

In an 11-page complaint filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the author, Lisa Littman, says she and her fellow conservative blogger, Matthew Heimbach, were targeted by a campaign against conservative voices that called them “pigs” and “traitors” who would be “shocked and shocked” if Trump were to win the presidency.

The lawsuit, filed in New York by the American Civil Liberties Union and the nonprofit Institute for Justice, claims that Heimbacch is the target of a concerted campaign by conservatives and others to smear and silence conservative voices and threaten them with legal action if they speak out against Trump.

Littman said she is not a member of the Republican Party, but is a registered independent.

The suit claims the Trump campaign has used the First Amendment to target Littmans work, which is not protected by copyright.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lettman, who is white, wrote the poem in October to support Trump in his bid for the Republican nomination for president, in an apparent attempt to persuade fellow conservatives to support his candidacy, the complaint states.

The complaint alleges that Heimberach and Littmen “engaged in a campaign to publicly humiliate” Litts work and that they “discussed, threatened, and attacked” her, “taunting, ridiculing, and ridiculing her, ridiculering, ridiculing, and insulting her.”

It alleges that Littmann was “forced to publish the poem online and to pay for it in print, which she did not do because she feared for her own safety and because she was a target of an orchestrated and systematic campaign to silence her.”

Littmans poem, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, “promoted an agenda of hate against the American people,” and called for Trump to be impeached, the lawsuit states.

The poem, the suit states, is “an attempt to silence a woman who has worked tirelessly for a decade to expose the truth about the corruption in Washington.”

The complaint, which does not mention Littmach by name, also claims that LITTMAN has been “hurt and harassed” by Heimbaches “offensive and disparaging” tweets and messages that were later deleted and that she received threatening phone calls and emails, and has been subjected to “unprovoked, malicious attacks.”

The lawsuit says the campaign was aimed at silencing Littms work and attacking her.

“The Trump Campaign has created an atmosphere of intimidation, harassment, and bullying that has created a hostile and dangerous work environment that is being used to harass and intimidate Lisa,” it states.LITTMAN’S poem, according to the complaint, is one of “several dozen anti-Trump poems and writings” that have circulated among conservatives.

The complaint notes that the group is composed of writers, editors, and activists, but that they have not yet been named.

The plaintiffs are represented by the ACLU, the Institute for Law and Social Policy, and the National Center for Policy Analysis, according the complaint.