“You’re not a racist!” – A poem from the subreddit’s r/all

title A poem by /u/The_Real_Pepsi, which is basically a parody of /r/?submitter:username/ and has a lot of white people on it, to be fair.

It was a response to a comment by /r/, which was, um, not as racist as it first appeared.

And yes, it’s racist.

But it’s also very funny.

A lot of people don’t get that this is not a one-way street, and it’s not just about race.

It’s about, like, real life, too.

A guy is being arrested for a hate crime.

His family is protesting.

His dog is in a cage.

He wants to kill people.

A man who doesn’t want to be called racist just has to be able to say that to his wife.

“You might as well just be white, man,” the wife says.

“It’s a commonality,” he replies.

“We’re all the same, man.

You might as do something to make the world a better place.” More: