When to ask if you’re safe at home

Updated February 05, 2019 08:42:55 When you’re out in public and you’ve got a friend or relative in your arms, ask them what they think.

The answer could help you keep yourself safe in the long term.

What’s the safest place to be when you’re at home?

Here are some questions to consider when you’ve been on the go for a while: When you get home and are feeling safe The safest place for you to be at home is in a place where there’s little risk of anyone getting hurt.

This means no-one can enter or exit your home, no-fear rules and no-door locking.

But it’s also a place that you can be at your most vulnerable.

It’s a place you can take comfort in, but one that you should avoid being at the centre of when you need to talk to someone.

If you’re alone and your friends are home, it’s best to make yourself available at all times, including when you can’t talk.

If your family is nearby, you can use their mobile phone or text message to call them if you need them to talk.

You can also call your local emergency services if you’ve had a family emergency, if you can help, and to report a suspicious person or vehicle activity.

You may also want to keep a watchful eye on your phone, particularly if you use it for work.

What to do if you feel unsafe The next time you’re in the home, remember to: ask for help when needed.