Which NFL QB is the most important to his team?

How many NFL quarterbacks are considered the most valuable players in the league?

That’s a question that’s often asked by those who want to know which quarterback is most important on a team.

For the 2016 NFL draft, that question was narrowed down to one.

The answers were, again, more or less the same.

They are: Russell Wilson, Kansas City Chiefs; Eli Manning, New York Giants; Matt Cassel, Minnesota Vikings; Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans; and Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville Cardinals.

Each one of those guys is a star quarterback who, while not the most consistent passer, has been among the best in the NFL over the last few years.

The problem is that there’s no one right answer to this question, and each player has their own unique attributes.

That’s why we wanted to find out which of the best quarterbacks on each team has the most importance.

The results were surprisingly similar to what we expected.

It was Wilson, who led the NFL in passing yards (4,072) and completed 64.9 percent of his passes, but he finished the year with the worst passer rating (100.4) of any quarterback.

The Browns also had the worst quarterback rating (102.2), which is good for fifth in the AFC South, but it’s not quite as bad as it might appear.

When you consider Wilson was coming off an ACL tear, and that his numbers dipped as the season wore on, the fact that he completed only 63.4 percent of passes probably wasn’t a great sign.

The Colts had a pretty good passer rating of 107.8, and while the Cardinals finished 11th, their passer rating wasn’t as bad at 104.8.

There are still plenty of other players on the Browns, Cardinals and Titans who have had success, but none of them are as consistently dominant as Wilson.

There were several reasons for this, and the main one is Wilson’s high level of success.

Wilson has a unique combination of talent and experience that makes him the most likely of the players on any given team to win an MVP award.

He’s been a consistent winner and a top-five pick in his five NFL seasons, and he’s earned a lot of credit for doing so.

That has helped him be a popular player on a franchise that hasn’t been as successful in recent years.

But that’s not all.

Wilson was also the league’s top passer in 2015, and after a relatively poor season in 2016, he still has an incredible amount of talent.

He also has a long-term deal that should keep him in Cleveland for the foreseeable future.

Wilson is still the best player on any team, but there are still some big holes in his game.

He still needs to learn how to play better in a more efficient offense, and his accuracy and deep ball usage need to improve.

The Falcons were the only team to finish ahead of the Browns in the NFC South, so they’re probably going to be better in 2019.

The Bengals, meanwhile, should have the best quarterback in the division by 2019.

It’s a tough question to answer, but Wilson has been good enough to win a few MVPs in his career.

He hasn’t exactly been a dominant player, but if he stays healthy, he should continue to be one.

You can follow all of the results and grades from the 2016 draft on our grades page.

If you’re interested in what each team had to say about the draft, check out our NFL draft coverage.

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