How to find the funniest controversial topics

We all know the ones that keep getting thrown around: “What’s the deal with the guy in the red sweater?” or “That’s a stupid question.”

But what about those topics that don’t get talked about much?

They’re usually controversial topics that have an obvious political bent or are extremely taboo, like: Why are some animals gay?

Why do people like to see themselves as part of a group?

Is it OK to be transgender?

Why are there so many people who are not gay?

All of these are controversial topics.

And why?

They can be so tricky to figure out because there’s no easy answer.

If you’re a liberal or conservative who’s always looking for controversial topics to share with the world, you’ll probably find a lot of them.

We’ve been using this list to help us figure out which controversial topics people like us find fascinating.

We’ll share them with you in the infographic below.

This is a compilation of topics that people have suggested we should discuss with each other.

We’re going to try to give you a good starting point for your own conversation about these topics.

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