How to say no to Twitter’s “no” button

A good speech can make you feel powerful, and it’s an essential part of any great conversation.

But what do you say when you’ve been told you can’t have it?

Here are some tips on how to say “no,” or at least keep it to yourself.1.

Avoid using the word “no.”2.

Say “I’m sorry” instead of “I don’t understand.”3.

Say something like “Thank you” instead.4.

Say you’re sorry when you’re angry.5.

Say that you understand what’s being said.6.

Use “I understand” instead, because you don’t want to say, “I am sorry you feel this way.”7.

Say things like, “We’ve had a lot of talk about this, but I understand that my boss is not comfortable having me as a speaker.”8.

Say, “Thanks for having me.”9.

Say it’s not a big deal.10.

Say thank you when someone makes you feel comfortable.11.

Say your friend was awesome and you could have done better.12.

Say a little “I can’t believe you” or “I’ll take a second.”13.

Say thanks to someone for taking the time to tell you about a new technology or a company that you admire.14.

Say to a friend you really appreciate.15.

Say congratulations on a job well done.16.

Say hello to someone in your immediate family.17.

Say how much you’re grateful for a job or a promotion.18.

Say this person is great, and you hope they’ll consider your suggestions for improving your job or career.19.

Say when someone asks you a question, “Do you think that’s a good idea?”20.

Say yes when someone says, “Can I please ask you about something?”21.

Say if someone says they love you, “Thank God I’ve found someone who does.”22.

Say I’m sorry when someone does something wrong.23.

Say at the end of a good speech, “That’s not the kind of person I am.”24.

Say anything you feel is funny.25.

Say no, because that’s what everyone’s saying.26.

Say sorry, or just say, no.27.

Say out loud.28.

Say what you want to know.29.

Say nothing at all.30.

Say politely and quietly.31.

Say not to worry, because it’s a matter of time before the right person comes along.32.

Say never say, I’m not listening.33.

Say everything’s fine.34.

Say don’t worry about it.35.

Say really, really, REALLY don’t say it.36.

Say okay, but don’t be mad.37.

Say good night.