The NHL will ban the use of the phrase “Deep Conversation Topics”

The NHL is considering removing the phrase ‘Deep Conversation topics’ from the official game log after some fans complained it is offensive to black players.

The league said Wednesday it will ban use of “deep conversation” in the official Game Logs for “inappropriate” and “offensive” reasons.

The word ‘deep’ is a combination of the words ‘deep,’ ‘cite,’ ‘reference’ and ‘reference’.

It is also slang for ‘dark skin’.

The NHL has received a number of complaints about the phrase, including from Black players who are used to hearing the word ‘black’ and see it used as derogatory in the context of the game.

The term ‘deep conversation’ has also been used to describe the type of conversation players are usually having during the game, rather than the topic of discussion.

The NHL said it is reviewing the proposal, which it says is in the early stages of consideration.