How to talk to a woman who wants to be a Christian in Italy

A new campaign by a group of Christian women is taking the church to new heights, and it is being welcomed by the Italian bishops.

The Italian bishops’ conference on Monday endorsed the new project, called the ‘Love and Peace in Our Church’, which aims to encourage and inspire women to be Christians.

It started with a Facebook group called ‘Our Church’, where women and men share their thoughts and experiences with the Catholic Church.

The group was started in 2015 by two young women, Francesco and Agnesa Speroni, who have now started their own initiative, ‘Our Women’.

In the first part of the project, the women have developed a video series called ‘Marriage’ and have launched an online portal, where they aim to get women to participate.

In the second part of their project, they want to help women who are struggling with relationships and who want to have their faith affirmed in a professional and meaningful way.

The women have also started a ‘Cultivate your spirituality’ campaign, where women can find resources and support to do their best to cultivate their spirituality and pray in a more authentic way.

It is also the first time the Church in Italy has endorsed such a project, according to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Text, which has been promoting the project.

The Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, also congratulated the project and said that he hopes that the initiative will help to build bridges of dialogue between men and women, both within the church and beyond.’

This is the first step of a very long process and we welcome this initiative,’ he said.’

It’s a way to help the church overcome the crisis of the sexual revolution, and to build a new relationship with God and with each other.’

The initiative was launched by Francesco Speronis in October 2017 and the group of women is currently receiving support from the Pontiff, who has encouraged them to spread the word.

The group has already gathered over 40,000 followers on Facebook.

It also has its own website where women are encouraged to share their experiences of marriage, love, spirituality and other matters, and ask for help.’

The project is not just a social media exercise but an opportunity to deepen the bonds of friendship between women and the Church, especially between the two sexes,’ Francesco said.