How to fix the ‘Hot Topic’ issue

In a bid to fix a perceived lack of diversity in the fashion industry, one brand has come up with a new term to describe a trend: “hot topic”.

According to The American Conservatives, a fashion company in the New York area that specializes in fashion, “hot topics” are a group of items that attract attention and generate excitement for the wearer.

“We believe the term ‘hot topic’ is a great way to define the category of clothing and accessories that are not in the mainstream and that are the hottest, most talked about items for consumers,” said the company in a statement.

“This will provide a more comprehensive, accurate, and comprehensive description of our products and services.

We have also been using the term for a long time.”

According the company, the term is a nod to the hot topic craze that was popularized by American Apparel founder Peter Thiel.

It also comes amid the rise of women in fashion.

According to a report from Forbes in 2017, fashion trends such as the rise in “sexy fashion” and the rise and fall of “semi-retro” styles have taken place in tandem with the rise to prominence of women’s fashion.

The statement continues: “As more women and people of color are starting to explore the fashion world, we believe the trend of ‘hot topics’ is an important way to highlight the diversity of our industry and help us to build a more diverse fashion industry.”

This is not the first time that The American Conservatory has coined the term.

In September 2016, the company released its first edition of its Fashion Dictionary, which was filled with a large amount of definitions of terms such as “hot” and “hip” and also a number of other phrases such as: “hipster chic”, “septuagenarian fashion” , “fashion as a sport”, “fashion industry insider”, and “fashionistas”.

This latest iteration of the dictionary was published on the company’s website and also includes a “Hot Topic” section, where users can look up a hot topic or other topic in their personal or professional life.

While it is not clear what specific brand will be using the new term in the coming months, it seems likely that the term “hot trend” will be used in the near future.

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