Topica: What to expect at the 2016 Republican National Convention

August 7, 2021 0 Comments

The Republican National Committee will host a series of debates during the 2016 election, as the party’s nominee and his or her running mate compete for the nomination.

The candidates will have six hours of live, nationally televised debates from August 5 to August 12.

The first debate is scheduled for August 5 at 8 p.m.

ET on NBC.

The second debate is slated for August 12 at 9 p.,m.

on ABC.

The second Republican debate will take place in Denver, Colorado, at the University of Colorado, Denver, from August 18 to 21.

The Republican Party of Colorado said the Denver debate will be “one of the most anticipated events of the convention.”

The party said the Republican National Committeeman will host the debate, which will take the place of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

The party did not specify a date for the third debate, but said the first and second will be televised.

The first Republican debate was scheduled for September 13.

The last Republican debate took place on October 1.

The third Republican debate is set for November 19 at 8:30 p. m.


The fourth Republican debate takes place November 25 at 8 a.m., CBS said.