How to deal with a hoosiers cancer scare

August 6, 2021 0 Comments

The federal government says people living in the southern province of Alberta should be encouraged to drink more water because of a possible increase in the spread of the disease.

The Alberta government said Friday that people living near the town of Lac La Biche, where the coronavirus outbreak began last fall, should drink at least half of their recommended daily allowance of water.

The government said people living farther from the outbreak sites should also drink at most half of the recommended daily amount of water, which is about 50 millilitres a day.

Alberta’s health authority has said there is no increase in risk to people living on the border with Ontario, where people are already feeling the strain of the coronas outbreak.

The province said people in rural areas should drink more than the recommended amount, and people in urban areas should avoid drinking water if possible.

People who live in remote communities that are close to an outbreak site, such as the border, should also get their water from a private company or community group, the government said.

Health authorities say the outbreak is spreading to more communities across the country.