How to Break Down the ‘No’ Campaign and Get Your Act Together

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

The No campaign has just been declared dead in the water.

And that means there are no more debates, no more TV ads, no new rules.

That’s a big blow to the movement, and it’s the latest indication that, at least in the short term, the fight to stop Donald Trump is effectively over.

There are still two debates to go, and the campaigns’ most prominent surrogates are likely to continue to use their Twitter feeds to promote the campaign, which is why a new hashtag, #NoConflicts, has sprung up to urge their supporters to take back the ground that the campaign lost.

If we lose the debates, we’re going to lose the ground.

We can do nothing about that, so #NoConsolidation, which has been popping up for weeks on Twitter, is intended to help the campaign with that task.

We need to stop the media circus.

It’s a distraction, and we need to get real about what it means to be a citizen, as opposed to a member of the ruling class.

No one has a plan.

The No Campaign was the most effective organizing effort in the presidential campaign, but its success depended heavily on people working together.

Its members, like Trump, were motivated by fear and hate.

No one wants to hear any of that anymore.

So, if we lose this fight, it will be because the No Campaign has lost the ground on which it could have thrived.

The campaigns that came closest to beating Trump in the general election were not able to do so, because they were largely financed by billionaire George Soros and his billionaire allies, as well as by corporate and union donors.

But the Trump campaign’s success was due in large part to grassroots organizing and the support of grassroots organizers.

It was the people who went door to door, who mobilized, who engaged in rallies, who organized community-service projects, who marched in the streets.

They brought the campaign together, and they pushed back against the media.

If the Trump supporters who rallied for the campaign’s demise can do that in a few days, they can bring the Trump camp down.

So the goal of #NoConcerns is not just to say, Hey, let’s try again.

It is to say that we need the people of the United States to do more to stop this election, and to start fighting for the things that we want.

The people of this country, the people on the ground in every state, the voters of every state and the people at the polls in November, they will not be voting for a Republican.

We need to win the election in the fall, and when we do, they’ll know that we did it, and that we fought hard.

So we have to stop.