How to use Clindamycin topical solution to help stop flu

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

With flu season upon us, you may be tempted to use topical solutions like Clindamys antibiotic solution, but they aren’t the only way to treat flu symptoms.

Clindams topical solution also helps prevent infection from germs.

That’s because the antibiotic helps kill viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause the flu virus to replicate and grow in the body.

It also kills the virus’s RNA, or genetic material that is the genetic blueprint of the virus.

If you’re feeling stressed out, Clindamicin topical solutions are a great way to ease stress, especially if you’re already feeling stressed.

There are several different types of topical solutions, but we’re going to focus on ClindAMICIN (clindamyclovir) for now.

The first one you need to use is Clindamonium, which is commonly used as a skin-care product. Clinnamax® (also known as clindamethasone) is also available in topical formulations and as an inhaler.

Clincams topical treatment helps prevent inflammation, swelling and dryness, as well as the flu-like symptoms that are common during flu season.

Here are the steps to using Clindama, and how to apply it.

How to Use Clindamin for Flu Symptoms 1.

Take your Clindamacillin solution and apply it to your face and neck, neck, hands and other body areas.

It can be applied in two ways.

You can place it on your face, face and lips and apply with a finger.

Or, you can apply it directly onto your skin and place the bottle in the bottle cap.

You should be able to see a tiny bit of the bottle when you place it. 2.

Then, add a little bit of ClindAMA to your favorite drink, like water, tea, coffee or orange juice.


To make your Clinamacillin topical solution last longer, apply it twice a day, just like any other topical treatment.

You may need to reapply the solution at least once a day.


Take a bottle of ClinAMICin and take it with you when you take a nap, while you’re at work or on vacation.

You’ll be able take it for up to 10 days.