How to fix a broken heart

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

A mother of three in the U.K. has been left scarred for life after a devastating heart attack.

A post shared by Alyssa Smith (@ajsmith) on Feb 11, 2019 at 12:17am PSTAlyssa, who goes by the name Alyss, was diagnosed with acute pulmonary embolism (APPE) and pulmonary hypertension in February 2018.

She was admitted to the Royal Free Hospital in London and was declared dead on arrival.

But on Wednesday, Alyssas mother was found dead in her bed, having hanged herself.

Alyssas family says she was depressed and self-harmingAlysses family said in a statement that she had been feeling very self-destructive and was self-harmed.

Her family said her mother had told her that she was a “loser” and she had started drinking heavily.

Alysss mother was also diagnosed with depression, anxiety and anxiety disorder.

Her parents said she would often hang out at her father’s house and talk about how her life had been a disaster.

A family friend told police she had made up the death.

But Alyssam’s family has said that they believe she may have been murdered.

“She was a loving, caring, caring woman who loved her kids dearly,” the family said.

“The family’s hope is that the public will continue to support the family’s wish to bury her.”

The family said they are hoping the public can come forward to help identify Alyss’s killer.