‘I was a total mess’: ‘My wife was my rock’

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Football Italian – 1 October 2017 09:25:38The story of how the former Juventus midfielder Marcello Lippi came to the brink of death after using a banned substance was a story that was a part of every football game for decades.

A tale that has left its mark on football and the sport itself.

In the midst of the crisis, the former midfielder was the target of many a joke, but one that was not meant to be.

Marcello was a great man who had been with Juventus for 18 years and who was one of the great players of the modern era.

A player who had made his name playing in the shadow of legendary player Gianni Infantino, as well as the team that had won the European Cup in 1986.

Marcelo had played for Juve from 1981 until he was sacked at the end of last season, with his future in doubt, in a story not lost on many.

He was, after all, a Juventus legend and one of their greatest ever players.

Yet his football career had been on hold for more than a decade, with Juventus only playing once in the last four years of the previous decade.

The only real reason he had left the club was due to a medical condition that caused him to become unwell.

He had recently undergone an operation to repair a hip injury.

In recent years, the story of Marcellus has been one of football’s most dramatic, with the former Inter Milan player struggling to return to his former form.

He played in just one Serie A match in 2017, and only once since leaving the club in 2016 has he been able to recapture his former glory.

However, with a career on the line, Marcellos story has been a rollercoaster of emotions and controversy.

The story was made more difficult by the fact that his wife was a Juventus supporter and, as such, his family were not consulted on his treatment.

The news was made even more difficult because Marcella was a fan of both Inter and Juventus, a club that were both on the brink in 2017.

Despite all the drama, there was one fact that was known, despite the fact Marcellio was a victim of the scandal.

Despite being in a state of shock, he was also a very close friend to his teammates, a fact that has never been denied by his family.

“I was completely mad when I went into the hospital,” he told The Sport daily.

“I had the pain in my shoulder, and the pain was just unbearable.

It was just like being in the hospital.

I was so angry, because I was there, and I could see everyone else in the room.

I could not control myself.

I couldn’t even control myself when I was talking.

But then, my wife, who was there with me, was really sad, because we were separated for so long.”

The incident also put an exclamation point on a difficult season that had already seen the club fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 2004, while the squad was under immense pressure to return.

The news was met with widespread anger from the fan base, as Juventus were already under immense scrutiny following the departure of Fabio Capello and the appointment of a new coach.

The new coach, Massimiliano Allegri, who had also served as the assistant to Giovanni Trapattoni, had promised a completely different style to the one he had previously brought to the club.

The coach was not only seen as a scapegoat, but also a target, for the team’s fans, who were seen as disloyal and unprofessional.

Juventus were in a similar situation at the start of the season, having already qualified for the Europa League, the second of the three competitions that will be contested by Italy.

The season, and its outcome, was already on the back burner.

However, a player who was known to be a thorn in the side of the coaching staff and a player with a strong personality and a great reputation was suddenly in the spotlight, and he was given the opportunity to leave the club with no further explanation than his health had worsened.

He was also given the option of a transfer to a new club, with no clear indication of what that team would look like.

The club had no choice but to sell Marcelli, with only the prospect of him leaving for a new team.

He became the subject of much speculation, with speculation that he was going to be sold to Manchester City or Tottenham.

However it was the end result of the player’s situation that had the most impact.

He ended up being sold to a club for €3.5m and was then able to sign for Manchester United.

With no indication that the deal would be finalised, the player went from the team he had helped to win the Champions Leagues in 2001 and 2002 to the team they ended up in the Champions’ League in 2016.

It was a nightmare for