How to design the perfect earrings

July 8, 2021 0 Comments

Hot topic earring designer John McArthur has a simple suggestion for you when it comes to the perfect design for your ears.

“When you look at the shape of your earring, you should really consider whether you should go for a round, round shape or a round square shape.

That way, the earring is not too wide and not too narrow,” he said.

McArthur’s advice comes from a research published in the journal Plastics Research.

The research involved looking at more than 1,000 earrings, looking at how they were made, and then comparing them with their shapes.

There are many different types of earrings that are commonly worn, with shapes ranging from round to square.

But McArthur suggested a rounded shape was a more appropriate choice for earrings for men and women.

“A round earring will give you a little bit more support and a bit more comfort in the ear,” he explained.

You can make a round earrings with different sizes.

If you are a tall person or have thick earrings you may need to get a little more room.

“It is a lot more comfortable to have a little extra space around your ear for the round shape, which is more comfortable,” he added.

“You are not going to get that full roundness in a round shape.”

But for those who are shorter, or for those with thinner earrings it is a little easier.

“McArthur suggested round ear rings were more comfortable for shorter people, and round ear shapes were more suited to those with thick ear rings.

So if you’re a tall or short person and need to make sure you get a rounded earring to fit your ear then you should definitely try to make one.”

If you want a really nice rounded shape for your earrings and you don’t want to have any space around the ear for it, then go for it,” he recommended.

And if you want something a little softer, McArthur recommends a round oval shape.

But you don-t have to go for round ear ring shapes to get the most from your ear.”

I think you can still get a lot out of square earrings,” he warned.”

The best thing about round earpieces is that they are more flexible.

I think that’s the main thing that makes them so great for people who have narrow earrings.

“For people who are taller, the round ear piece is not going on a big round ear,” McArthur said.

“So if they want a very soft, cushy round earpiece, then it is the round round ear.”

McArthays advice is to make your own earrings by cutting out the earrings in your ear canal and then adding the ear piece.

He recommends making your own round ear jewelry by using a small knife to cut the earpiece out of the canal and cutting it into round pieces.

Then you will be able to cut out the shape you want and glue the pieces together.

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The new study also looked at earrings made with metal.

They found a number of different shapes of earring with metal earrings being the most popular.

These include round ear pieces, round oval earrings or round oval oval earpieces.

“When people look at metal earring earrings they see them as a kind of little round metal ear ring,” McArthas research associate Rebecca McLeod said.

“It’s not really an oval-shaped piece.”

They also see it as a very lightweight piece that has a little less weight.

“She said the round metal piece could also be used for ear plugs, or as a way to wrap around your ears when not wearing ear plugs.

When making a round metal headpiece, McLeod added, “you can have a really soft, very light piece that is just a little round piece that can go on around your head.”

The earring maker has also released a new earring for men.